Harden and Bethunga Shows 8/9 Sep 18

Another Great weekend away for Chevalove Cavaliers at Harden and Bethunga:

Harden – Saturday started off with Chevalove Red Storm Rising “Rusty” being awarded 3rd in a large baby puppy sweepstakes.  Breed and group judging was great for Chevalove with CH Chevalove Imperial Design, “Abbie” being awarded best Of Breed. Congratulations to Mel and Cara for CH Chevalove Royal Sovergien, “Reign” being awarded the Dog CC and Res Best of Breed.

Chevalove Lightning Jack. “Jack” was awarded Puppy in group, but the star was Chevalove Red Hot Lil Devil, “Gypsy”was awarded Baby Puppy in Group and then went on to win BABY PUPPY IN SHOW..

Gypsy Best Baby in Show

Gypsy winning Baby in Show

Bethunga –  Rusty was again awarded 3rd in Baby Sweepstakes, Mel and Cara Congrats again on Reigns BOB and res Best Exhibit in Group.  Abbie was the Bitch CC, CH Chevalove Nobel by Design, “Winston” was awarded Best Bred by Exhibitor in Group.

Chevalove Cavaliers are Proud ProPlan Ambassadors.

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